The Trading Post

Trading Post

Welcome to "The Trading Post!"

Your one-stop shop for advisers and students to access ideas from across the state! The Trading Post allows for members to add, borrow, trade and incorporate activities into their school programs. Gone are the days of working in isolation. The Trading Post breaks activities up into categories where advisers gain instant access to organized, functioning activities. 

Trade your Posts

Submitting an activity is as easy as 1....2....3! And well, 4. But that's it! No idea is too big or too small. Students and advisers are always looking for new ideas, from planning dances, to fundraising and everything in between. Every activity that is submitted will be entered into our online database that can be accessed at any time. This is also a great way for students to submit their ideas and see them recognized and put into action by other member schools! Submit the best your school offers below.

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