Conference Agenda

2021 State Conference Agenda

With so much great content year in and year out at our Student Leadership State Conference, much of our program content and curriculum will still exist in the virtual world. To give students and advisers a better idea of what to expect, you can review our 2020 Conference Agenda below. There will be newly added pieces, engagement opportunities, and student networking and discussion items added the 2021 Conference Agenda! Check back for the 2021 State Conference Agenda after holiday break. 

Showcase Presentations

During the State Conference students are treated to student driven presentations selected from our Regional Connect events. These student "showcases" present topics, programs and ideas that are being executed throughout the state of Michigan, ranging from peer mentor groups, anti-bullying programs, community service projects and much more. Each showcase contains detailed information on the action student leaders took to create change in their school and how other schools can put these ideas to work for their own schools. Showcase presentations offer networking and idea sharing sessions to our State Conference Line up.

Example Showcase Presentation 

Michigan Student Voice

Welcome to the future of student voice. A voice that needs to be heard, harnessed and echoed across Michigan. As you continue to light the way for students in your school and community, we want to give you the chance to inspire and empower fellow student leaders from across the state on topics that resonate with all Michigan students. Welcome to Michigan Student Voice.

A new feature to this years State Leadership Conference is Michigan Student Voice. A program designed to give our leaders the opportunity to present topics in a fast paced, powerful presentation style on the main stage of our State Conference.

Below is an example of a MSV presentation submission

Want to submit a presentation to be considered? Click here to see how it works

Structured Activities 

In order for our students to put some of their conference experience into real world application, our host school helps to design student structured activities that continue the dialog on the importance of self-growth, leadership philosophy and other curricular items to support the educational growth mindset. These activities are interactive, challenging and most importantly, a fun way to teach our student leaders.

2021 Keynote Speakers

Information on our 2021 Keynote Speakers will be available soon!