CVFC (College Volunteers)


What is CVFC?

The College Volunteers Facilitators Corps (CVFC) is comprised of college level student volunteers that work under the Michigan Student Leadership umbrella. They support the mission statement of Michigan Student Leadership by facilitating leadership activities, leadership events and teaching leadership skills to students all across the state of Michigan. These events include:

  • Leadership Training Institutes
  • Executive Forums
  • Regional CONNECT events
  • State Conference
  • Summer Leadership Camp

CVFC members also meet regularly to assist in program/curriculum development, MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership promotion, scholarship fundraising, and work along side the Director of Student Services for site visits and independent leadership training activities. CVFC members know what is takes to be a leader, and contribute their time to ensure new generations of Michigan student leaders are molded.


Applications to join CVFC will be accepted beginning April 1st.  All applications are due by May 28th, 2021. 

The application process includes a written portion, a video submission, and a video chat interview. 

The written portion consists of 7 prompts. In addition, there is a required submission for a video showcasing who the applicant is in one minute or less. For possible ideas on what to include check out the video portion of the application. 

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Applicants will upload an unedited video that is one minute or less in length
  • Some possible things to talk about:  Your passions, hobbies, involvements, fun facts, what makes you unique, why you are applying to be on CVFC, etc.
  • This video does not need to be serious and it can be silly if you choose to make it be. The purpose of this video is to give us a better sense of who you are.

Video Examples

All applicants will receive an email to sign up for an interview. Interviews will take place after the application process closes. via Google Hangout. 

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by the beginning of June. 

Contact for any questions or issues during the application process.