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Hey Hey Student…

In a previous From the Archives, I shared information on the National Conference on Student Activities (NCSA) sponsored by the National Association of Workshop Directors (NAWD.) Over the three day weekend of December 4th-6th, I was able to join 316 student activity advocates from across the country and take part in this inspirational event. 

NEW year means NEW possibilities (& how to balance)

The year that we just endured is one that we can all collaboratively agree has changed our lives drastically. In a world where so many external factors remain uncertain, it is important to keep yourself motivated and on track towards a prosperous future.

For many of us (whether in high school or in college), we have struggled to find a way to accomplish all of the goals that we had set for ourselves this past year. For me personally, what this has taught me is that in order to…

For most, this year has been a boiling pot of overwhelming emotions. used to wake up with so much heaviness on my heart and tell myself: I hope the pain of this past year is not wasted.

Then I would drag myself out of bed and look in the mirror. But first, always, my eye catches the small obituary card of my grandfather that passed away from COVID in April. Again, I think: How tragic it would be to suffer so much and gain so little. What I’ve come to learn is there is purpose for the season you’re in.

Like the seasons, life has radiant, sunshiny days where you feel as…

It certainly has been an interesting week following the election.  My father-in-law has moved in with Sue and I for a few months and is a CNN junkie.  There has been no shortage of news watching in our house.  Many times as I watched I saw potential leadership lessons that could be shared with students on both what leadership is and what leadership isn’t.  One of my favorite commentator/consultants is John Meacham.  He is a highly respected writer, presidential historian and biographer.  He shared the following observation from research on his books on the day after Election Day  – “…


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