Our Staff

MASC/MAHS staff members are always willing to help! Whether you have a procedure question, are interested in an event, or are in need of some inspiration, all of the following individuals are committed to student leadership in Michigan!

Matt AlleyMatt Alley, Director of Student Services

Matt is a graduate of Central Michigan University where he completed his bachelor's degree in Psychology and with a Master of Arts in Counseling. For the past three years, Matt has worked at Lapeer East High School as a counselor and has served as the Senior Class Sponsor. Before Lapeer, he was a counselor at the Montcalm Area Career and Technical Center. In addition to his background as an educator, Matt also brings strong communication, organization and technology skills to the position. He is an advocate for students and is a systems thinker. Matt is the son of two career educators; working closely with teachers and Principals will be natural for him.

Angel BrewerAngel Brewer, MASSP Event Planner and Member Services

With 15 years working for the association, Angel will always be a great resource for MASC/MAHS, our members and our programs! Angel handles the event planning for the entire office. Daily, she strives to provide a high-quality level of service to MASSP members. Chances are, you've heard her cheerful voice on the other end of the line if you have called the Lansing office.

Gail SchupbachGail Schupbach, MASSP Business & Membership Specialist and MASC/MAHS Member Services

Gail joined MASSP/MASC/MAHS in 2012 after working for the Michigan House of Representatives for over five years. Referred to as "Mama Gail" in the office, you may see her at a registration table at upcoming events or speak with her over the phone, as Gail serves as the day to day contact for questions about registration and invoices for MASC/MAHS/MASSP events. Gail also handles the processing of membership for the entire office.

Alyssa SchoenherrKristie Distelrath, Intern MASC/MAHS

Alyssa is a Junior at Michigan State University, studying Communication and Psychology. Her high school experience with MASC/MAHS inspired her to apply to be a part of the College Volunteer Facilitator Corps (CVFC), where she gets to work with high school students from all across the state. As the Student Leadership intern, she gets to work more closely with her fellow CVFC members as well as the current student Board of Delegate members. You may see her at some of our events, and possibly wearing a tutu.

Others that you may see or talk to at MASC/MAHS!

Chelsey MartinezChelsey Martinez, MASSP Director of Communications and Asst. Director of Government Relations

A part of the team for over 6 years, Chelsey handles all of the graphic design, website maintenance and communications for the both MASC/MAHS and MASSP. You'll see her at States and Camp and around the office in Lansing.

Wendy ZdebWendy Zdeb, MASSP Executive Director

Serving MASSP since August 2011, Wendy provides guidance and support for MASC/MAHS programs as needed. As the primary contact for professional development for MASSP, she finds cross-training opportunities for administrators to work with student leaders in their building.

Colin RipmasterColin Ripmaster, MASSP Associate Executive Director

Joining the MASSP team in 2013, Colin provides additional support for professional development and has a strong focus on educational technologies. As a supporter of student leadership programs in his past principal experiences, we look forward to ways that Colin can help administrators see the value of diverse student activity programs in their building.

Bob KefgenBob Kefgen, MASSP Director of Government Relations

Bob offers government relations support to MASC/MAHS programs, and seeks ways to recognize our members on a statewide level within the state government. Bob also serves as a resource to advisers who seek information on the happenings of current legislation.